Aboriginal Sydney Part 5

IMAGE: J. Lycette, Kissing Point NSW. The property  of James Squires, c. 1825 (National Library of Australia)
This excerpt was taken from Melinda Hinkson's 'Aboriginal Sydney' book, published in 2001.

Bennelong's Burial Site

James Squires was an ex-convict who achieved considerabl success as a farmer and brewer. He had an Inn and orchard at Kissing Point, covering the area which today is Kissing Point Park and Bennelong Park. Although not a great deal is known about him, it seems that Squires became a close friend of Bennelong and his family in the later years of Bennelong's life. It was here that Bennelong passed away in 1813. He was burried in Squires' garden, along with one of his wives and his nephew, Nanbaree. The location of the grave was known to local residents around 1900, and is preserved in the photograph below. Over the course of the past hundred years the precise location of the grave has been lost. 

An interesting article published in the Sydney Morning Herald in March 2011 regarding the site of Bennelong's burial site can be read here

A series of historical photographs suggest that Bennelong's grave may be located somewhere in the vicinity of Bennelong Park.
TOP IMAGE: James Squires' property c. 1900 (Image Library, State Library of NSW)
MIDDLE IMAGE: The known burial site of Bennelong c. 1900 (Image Library, State Library of NSW)
BOTTOM IMAGE: Bennelong Park today