Sean Bundjalung

‘Our people live in harmony with the land and sea. We believe strongly in our Aboriginal spirituality and that our life cycle evolves and is connected to everything in the universe.’


Sean was born in northern NSW on Cabbage Tree Island. He has been painting since the age of 15 years, when he was first inspired to paint the Dreaming of his mother. Sean’s mother is a highly respected elder of the Cabbage Tree Community; she has passed down to Sean the language and Laws of their community.


Sean is known as ‘Bundjalung Sean’, he paints the land, people and sacred sites related to his country. Sean is also dedicated to teaching and land conservation. He works for the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), where he conducts discovery tours of the national parks. Sean helps to ensure visitors are educated on the types of bush foods, plants and animals that are found in the parks. Sean assists the NPWS to liaise with the local Aboriginal communities and maintain Aboriginal culture embedded within the land of the National Parks.

Sean paints the story ‘Clans of My Nation’, which depicts the strong cultural connection between his wider family group and community. The concentric circles depict the family groups and sacred sites of his land and the lines and dot work depict the tracks that connect these people and sites.