Frequently Asked Questions

Why does an Artist paint the same subject again and again?

Traditional Aboriginal artists paint their Dreaming, story or totem.

Aboriginal artists are encouraged to paint subject matter which they are permitted to paint as determined by the elders of their community.

Traditional Aboriginal people are usually given one or more stories or totems by the community elders when they're very young. It is their responsibility to learn every aspect of this part of their culture and they effectively become the custodians of this aspect of their culture which ensures that culture is not lost and is passed on from generation to generation.

Each artwork is original in its execution because it is not identical to any other painting - however, it may be of the same subject matter. Each painting will differ in the size, scale or detail. Importantly, each artwork is hand-painted by the artist.

The key difference between western artists and traditional Aboriginal artists are the cultural influences Aboriginal artists have.

Many art collectors see this difference between western and traditional Aboriginal as a distinct advantage and particular stories or totems painted by Aboriginal painters have become highly collectable.

Can you hang my artworks for me?

For Sydney based customers we use and recommend Stephen Gray from About Picture Hanging
0438 196 435.


Almost every painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Certificates of Authenticity are not usually provided for works 40x40cm and smaller - in this case we provide a profile of the artist wherever this information is available.

The Certificate of Authenticity includes details regarding the name and language group of the artist, the size and title of the work. We will also provide you with any other information we have on the artist.

The Code aims to contribute to the wellbeing of Indigenous Australians by providing a tool to regulate the conduct of dealers in the Indigenous art industry. This will ensure:In August 2010, The Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct, was brought in by The Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA). 


  1. Fair and ethical trade with Indigenous artists;
  2. Transparency with the promotion and sale of Indigenous artwork;
  3. A fair and equitable dispute resolution system for disputes arising under the Code.

Commercial art dealers including art centres, galleries and individual dealers can show their commitment to fair and transparent business dealings with artist by becoming a Dealer Member of Indigenous Art Code Limited, the public company established to administer the Code. Dealer members are also signatories to the Code.

The Code is voluntary and will be implemented initially for a two year, self-regulatory period.
Anyone operating in the Indigenous Art Industry (such as dealers, agents, art galleries, auction houses and art centres, wholesalers and retailers of Indigenous art) may apply to the Code Administration Committee to become a signatory to this Code.

The Artery is a registered signatory of the Code.

For further information on the Code of Conduct please click here.

Do you have a painting you want to sell to us?

The Artery deals ONLY in the primary or first sale of artworks.

All of our artworks are new.

We do not deal in the secondary market. We do not take artworks on consignment from individuals wishing to sell their paintings.

We do not buy artworks from individuals wishing to sell their artworks (with the exception of our artists of course). We support our artists directly and work directly with them to provide them with an ongoing source of income.

If you have an artwork you wish to sell we recommend contacting an art auction house - google 'art auction house' and approach them directly.

Can the artworks come off their frames?

Almost all artworks available on this website or in our gallery can come off their stretcher frames. 


How can I pay for my artwork?

  • Cash ($AUD only)
  • EFTPOS (Australia only)
  • Credit Card (VISA, MASTERCARD)
  • Direct transfers into our bank account.
  • Bank Cheque in $AUD
  • ZIPPAY (

Artworks cannot be released until funds are received into our bank account.

Tax Free Sales

For any purchases made in person within the gallery or within Australia, sales tax must be paid and is already included in the price.

On leaving Australia, you can claim the sales tax back at the airport via the "Tourist Refund Scheme" (TRS) For the latest information, please google "Australian Tourist Refund Scheme"  or click here.

For purchases made from outside Australia we can supply the goods to you Tax Free so the price you pay will be less than the prices on our website.

The Tax Free Price is applicable to all sales over AUD$300 and is automatically calculated during the checkout process - after you have entered the relevant delivery information.

How to Buy

If you'd like to buy one of the artworks featured on our site, click the "Add To Cart" link underneath the painting and you will be directed to our online purchasing facility. Or call us if you would prefer to talk directly to one of our team.

Can you tell me what my painting is worth?

If you already own an artwork and you would like to know the current value - you need to contact a LICENCED ART VALUER. We use and recommend Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants -

Banzinger Hulme offer a free internet appraisal on your art. Please contact them directly for more info.

Gift Vouchers

We offer ARTERY gift vouchers - which can be purchased using all of our accepted payment methods. If you want to get your friend, relative, or colleague an artwork but find it hard to choose, our gift vouchers are the perfect option.

All vouchers are non redeemable for cash and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.


You can now lay-by in our online checkout process through Zip Pay. Sign up to Zip Pay to own now and pay later! For more information go to:

Alternatively, we are more than happy to hold a painting for 7 days without a deposit.

Integrity of Pricing

We strive to offer you our best price for an artwork up front so that you know exactly what you can afford.

Unlike many other galleries, we do not "mark up" our artworks to offer you a "pretend" discount.

We know this straightforward approach is a bit unusual in the art world but we like to do things differently!

Refunds / Return / Exchange Policy

ARTWORKS purchased via our website:

If you're not completely satisfied with your artwork when you receive it - we are happy to offer a '7 day change of mind' refund or exchange less any return delivery costs.

Please advise us as soon as possible that you intend to return or exchange the artwork and we must be notified within 7 days of you receiving the artwork. Proof of delivery may be referenced to verify any claims.

The artwork should be returned in its original condition and undamaged, with all certification and documentation returned. The expense for the return is the responsibility of the customer. Upon receipt of the painting we will then provide a refund or exchange, less any delivery or associated charges.

Proof of purchase must be provided to us for any exchange or refund.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to accommodate requests for 'change of mind' exchanges or refunds after 7 days from the date your artwork was received.




For refunds or exchanges on any goods purchased in our gallery including giftware and homewares, we are happy to offer a '7 day change of mind' refund or exchange provided that the goods are in original unworn and unused condition and proof or purchase is provided to us.

Any artworks should be returned in their original condition and undamaged, with all certification and documentation returned.

Any return or exchange of goods must take place within 7 days of the date of purchase

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to accommodate requests for 'change of mind' exchanges or refunds after 7 days from the date of purchase for any in gallery purchases of artwork or other goods.